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Swimming pools – we’d all like one but if you’re lucky enough to have one or if you’re considering installing one, you’ll want to make sure that you can make the best use of it possible when we have some good weather.

One of the most important considerations for making the most of your swimming pool is what paving to use around it. You need to make sure that the paving is going to be suitable for all the activities you’re planning for your poolside, whether that be sunbathing, entertaining or fun and games with the family.

If slip-resistant properties are an important factor, our textured products such as Bradstone Textured Paving or StoneFlair by Bradstone Panache Paving Textured may be top of your list. However, just be careful if you’re planning on using this type of paving as it will have quite a rough finish for bare feet, especially if children are running around.

Bradstone Textured Paving

If you’re looking to recreate the look and feel of the Mediterranean, why not use Bradstone Tile Paving to evoke all the spirit, charm and warmth. With this product, you’ll be back poolside at the villa without even boarding a plane!

StoneFlair by Bradstone Tile Paving Mellow Terracotta

If natural products are more appealing to you, why not try something ultra contemporary such as the StoneFlair by Bradstone Ventura Paving. This product uses 500mm x 500mm sized slab with a grooved design to give a very modern feel.

StoneFlair by Bradstone Ventura Paving

Precautions and Aftercare

If concrete or natural stone flags are splashed with chlorinated water, they are liable to develop white crystalline marks as the water evaporates; this is not damaging and can be easily removed with clean water.

However, concrete paving, and to a lesser extent, natural stone paving can be structurally damaged if exposed to chlorinated water in periods of freezing temperatures. As swimming pools are generally not used in such conditions, this is rarely an issue.

Where can I get more advice?

Bradstone flags have been recommended as pool surrounds many times, if you would like further guidance please give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or call the Bradstone helpline on 01335 372 289.

Another competition and another incredibly difficult decision.

Year after year, the standard of entries to our annual photographic competition has left us gobsmacked here in the Simply Paving office. This latest competition has been no different – we were in awe of the level of skill in both design and workmanship on show in the photographs – because of this we have chosen one outright winner who will receive a cheque of £500, a second place entry who will receive a cheque of £200 and nine runners-up who will each receive a cheque for £100.

Enough of us telling you how good the entries are, see for yourself below!

The first prize of £500 goes to Mrs Zoe and Mr Craig Lewis of North Yorkshire with this stunning entry, which really displays an incredible level of workmanship and demonstrates the clean lines and subtle tonal variations of the Bradstone StoneMaster Block Paving range. Using a mix of the three colours in the Buff shades; Dark Buff Cast, Dark Buff Washed and Light Buff Washed they have produced a very attractive driveway that perfectly replicates the look of natural sandstone block paving, which works perfectly with the brickwork of the house.

This year, for the first time we have chosen a second placed entry who will be cashing a cheque for £200.

Second place in our competition has been awarded to Mrs Jane Morris from Surrey who has created an absolutely beautiful outdoor space using Bradstone’s Woburn Rumbled Block Paving Graphite. Using three sizes, the customer has created an eye-catching concentric circle design which adds interest, whilst we think you’ll agree the Graphite colour works superbly with the wooden building, fencing and decking and also the planting scheme.

Our nine runners-up, each winning a prize of £100 are:

Mr Kevin Paterson from Kent who has used Bradstone Textured Paving Grey 600 x 600’s to fantastic effect, creating this stunning contemporary outdoor space. Although, this product is part of our Value Range the finished job is clearly of very high quality, underlining just what can be achieved with any of our products.

Here, Mr Daniel Jones from Shropshire demonstrates how using a combination of materials can produce a very effective modern look. The decking, trellis and pergola work incredibly well when used alongside the StoneFlair by Bradstone Vogue Paving and the StoneFlair by Bradstone Polished Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff.

Mr Darren Ayres from Cambridgeshire has produced a stunning outdoor space using StoneFlair by Bradstone Polished Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff. It looks a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxed summers evening, perhaps even with a few beers or a bottle of wine!

In this photograph, Mrs Jennifer Floutier from Derbyshire shows that practical can be beautiful. Using Bradstone Woburn Rumbled Infilta Permeable Block Paving Rustic they have been able to create a driveway that is not only pleasing on the eye but also conforms to the legislation regarding paving the front of your home. For more information on the laying of Bradstone’s range of Permeable Block Paving click here.

Mr John West from Cambridgeshire again demonstrates how one of our Value Range products can transform your outdoor space without spending the earth! This is more of a traditional feel than the earlier entry and uses Bradstone Weathered Riven Paving Weathered Cotswold 450 x 450’s to create a stunning patio incorporating an access ramp.

Another example of how mixing materials can create a superb contemporary finish. Here Mr Martin Markcrow from Oxfordshire has combined wooden beds with Bradstone Decorative Aggregates Nordic Spar and StoneFlair by Bradstone Panache Long Aspect Black Textured to create both a dining area and pathways between planted areas. I think you’ll agree, this photograph could have been taken straight out of Bradstone’s new brochure.

Mr Mike Ellis from Flintshire has used StoneFlair by Bradstone Polished Natural Sandstone Paving Rainbow to create a charming outdoor dining area. The paving, decking and furniture work perfectly together and you can just imagine enjoying a summer salad here, unwinding after a day at work.

Ten out of ten on our next entry for both effort and Photoshop skills (we want that number plate)! Mr Phil Sutton from Cornwall has created a stunning driveway using Bradstone’s Woburn Rumbled Block Paving Autumn. First impressions are important and the customer has given his property an extra touch of class and real kerb appeal.

You could be sat somewhere in the Mediterranean, but in fact you’d be sat in the garden of Mr Ray Lane from Kent. Using Bradstone Tile Paving Mellow Terracotta 300 x 300’s the customer has evoked all the spirit, charm and warmth associated with true terracotta tiles.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who entered the competition. The entries were all of an incredibly high standard and we here at Simply Paving had a very tough time reaching our decision. You will find many of the images entered into the competition will be featured on our website and in our gallery hopefully proving to be a source of inspiration to all of our customers.

Make sure you keep an eye out for more fantastic competitions from Simply Paving over the coming months.

Bradstone have only gone and done it!

They’ve produced their most inspirational brochure to date and here at Simply Paving we’re very impressed. With plenty to stimulate the imagination and get those garden design juices flowing. Everything to help you create your own unique outdoor space that’s the envy of your neighbours and friends.

The stunning garden you’ve always dreamt of owning is closer than you think. Bradstone have done a superb job creating this brochure, which will guide you through all the important considerations for putting a garden design together, including the style of garden you’re looking for, the planting choices, colour schemes, textures and features.

Click image to download brochure.

Here to inspire you

Bradstone offer a broad range of garden and driveway products to help you create the stunning garden or front entrance you’ve always dreamt of. From natural to reconstituted stone, paving to walling, edging to coping and decorative stone to gravel and block paving. Their inspirational ideas and advice on landscaping your driveway or garden will provide you with an outside area that will enhance your home.

To view this brochure you’ll need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here. If however, you’d prefer to receive a brochure through the post, give the office a call on 0800 032 6306, drop us an email or fill out the form below.

Don’t forget, all the products featured in the brochure are also available on our website.

The stunning garden you’ve always dreamt of owning is closer than you think.

Along with our friends at BradstoneSimply Paving understand it’s not easy putting a garden design together, there’s a whole host of considerations including the style of garden you’re looking for, the planting choices, colour schemes, textures and features. Hardly surprising that sometimes, you just don’t know where to start.

Hopefully, the  Create the feel… series has helped inspire you and point you in the right direction in terms of identifying your ideal paving product, now you may need some help determining what sizes and patterns can be used.

Many of the products on our website are available in patio packs with set laying patterns, but you may feel you want more control over your design. If this is the case, why not try using Bradstone’s free Patio Generator software? This handy little program will provide you with a laying pattern to match the shape of your garden and also calculate the number of each size you require.

Click image to download the Bradstone Patio Generator.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, you can save or print your pattern and quantities and then either purchase the product from our website or call the office on 0800 032 6306.

Simply Paving can usually deliver Bradstone products nationwide in less than 7 days (typically 3-5 days).

Bradstone Patio Generator using three sizes of the Bradstone Natural Slate Paving Vijaya Gold.

If you require any further information, just drop us an email or give us a call on 0800 032 6306.

First impressions are important.

What better way to create the perfect outward impression than with a strikingly attractive and exceptionally distinctive driveway at the front of your house. Block paving not only gives your driveway a touch of class and your house real kerb appeal, it also represents an extremely practical and durable solution that will continue to look good though the years.

With Bradstone’s help, let Simply Paving show you how.

  • Bradstone Traditional Block Paving evokes the spirit and charm of times gone by incorporating subtle shading and cobbled effect.
  • Products such as the Bradstone Magnablock Block Paving are incredibly versatile and hard wearing. Suitable for paths and patios as well as driveways.
  • Bradstone Infilta Block Paving, the answer to legislation on permeable driveways. This product allows rainwater to filter though gaps between the blocks into a stone sub-base below, where there is enough space to store the water for a short time. This water then either soaks into the ground, is discharged in a controlled manner to a surface water drainage system or is collected for re-use.
  • Bradstone Monksbridge Block Paving in Croft is a distinctive block paving solution, ideal if you’re looking to give your driveway a predominantly traditional and rustic feel. With its range of subtle hues and charming weather worn appearance, it looks every inch the product of a different era.
  • Decorative aggregates are an easy to use, economical, permeable driveway solution.
  • It’s not just about block paving as shown in the parking area using decorative aggregates divided by a StoneFlair by Bradstone Honeymede pathway.
  • Bradstone Driveway Block Paving provides just as handsome a solution for patios and paths as it does for drives.
  • Bradstone Woburn Rumbled Block Paving is a charming cobble-type paving that exhibits a softer surface and also incorporates smooth rounded edges, enhancing the weathered appearance and slightly mottled effect.
  • The environmental alternative, Bradstone StoneMaster Block Paving is a 50% recycled concrete product that looks just like natural sandstone. It also comes pre-treated with Bradstone Surface Protection guarding against everyday contaminants such as oil, grease, moss, bird droppings, wine and soft drinks to ease cleaning when used on drives and patios.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

No matter how small the garden, there’s always room for a little imagination.

Whether you want to create a usable garden space in a small area or simply want a garden that looks great from your window, trust Bradstone with its wealth of beautiful landscaping products to help fire your creativity and bring out the designer in you. Make the most of every nook and cranny and turn all the negatives of a limited garden area into positives.

Don’t let the challenge of a small garden area put you off. With help from Bradstone and Simply Paving you can still create a wonderful garden design full of interest and impact.

Here are Bradstone’s top tips for making the most of your small garden space.

  • Planning is key. With space at such a premium, you’ve got to think more carefully than ever about what goes where.
  • Remember to let the purpose dictate the design. For instance, if your garden’s for entertaining you’ll have to fit seating in somewhere.
  • Add a sense of depth. Build raised beds and borders that can also be a space saving way of incorporating seating.
  • Mix dark coloured plants with bright coloured blooms. These add both depth and visual appeal.
  • Avoid small trees that constantly shed foliage or seeds. This way sweeping up won’t become a daily task.
  • Have you got room for containers? Big planters and pots can look fantastic in small gardens and are great for adding focal points.
  • Add the impression of more space. Make paving run lengthways for a longer looking garden, while mirrors also deceive the eye and add light.
  • Link the garden to your house. Do this with paving that echoes the brickwork or internal flooring, blurring the divide between inside and out.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

Fancy recalling the charm of yesteryear with a beautiful cottage garden?

You don’t have to live in a cottage to create your own cottage garden paradise. You don’t even have to live in the country. In fact, you can create a cottage garden just about anywhere, because cottage gardens are all about achieving an informal style and design, where dense planting and traditional materials combine to make the most of what are normally quite small garden spaces.

Courtesy of Bradstone, Simply Paving have everything you need to help you turn your cottage garden dream into a stunning reality.

Here are Bradstone’s top tips to help you achieve that classic country garden look.

  • Remember, with cottage gardens, the plan is… there is no plan. The more haphazard the planting the better. Messy is in.
  • Create the frame. Enclose your garden with the archetypal picket fence look – or what about a Bradstone wall draped in clematis?
  • Evoke the spirit of the past. Choose popular traditional plants such as foxgloves and snapdragons, pansies and columbines.
  • Say hello to the edible landscape. Eating what you grow is all the rage and traditionally, cottage gardens were a practical source of food and herbs.
  • Use rockery stone or different edging styles. These are a great way to prevent grass from spilling over into your planting and add real visual interest.
  • Do away with the lawn altogether. Focus instead on creating a jumbled look, a chaotic profusion of plants; add a Bradstone path or stepping stones to wind through the planting.

  • StoneFlair by Bradstone Tuscany Paving works in both contemporary and traditional settings.
  • Choose plants with a traditional theme, such as box privet.
  • Geraniums come in many colours and are great as bedding plants and equally at home in planters.
  • Decorative aggregates complete the look and give texture and definition at the edges of paved areas.
  • Decorative aggregates encourage the growth of rockery plants.
  • The right complementary edging will always create the ideal finish to all paving.
  • Imperata Cylindrica (Red Barron) is quite spectacular and can be grown in containers.
  • Using accessories that complement the colours of plants will create a more coordinated look to your garden.
  • The traditional StoneFlair by Bradstone Bamburgh Mill Star circle feature kit can be used as a stunning centrepiece.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

Create the perfect place to escape to after a long hard day.

A place of peace and tranquility where you forget the cares of the day, relax and recharge the batteries. A garden that’s the perfect calming influence for busy lives. Or, equally a place where you can entertain and socialise with friends too.

With Bradstone’s help, Simply Paving can help create a place that’s as ideal for garden furniture and the barbecue as it is for plants and pots.

  • Bradstone Log Sleepers create a stunning patio area, ideal for outdoor dining.
  • Contrasts of the smooth Bradstone Scottish Cobbles against the angular StoneFlair by Bradstone Panache Paving helps soften edges and gives a polished finish to your design.
  • As with virtually all of the natural products we supply, Bradstone Natural Limestone Paving Azure can be used inside as well as out.
  • All kinds of planting can look great in your garden but grasses create instant height and are low maintenance.
  • StoneFlair by Bradstone Old Town Chelsea Cobble gives an instant organic feel to a patio area.
  • Using tall feature planting such as bay trees is great for framing your design and they create superb impact.
  • Leaving sections of your patio unpaved for planting and rockeries creates softer areas that break up large flat areas.
  • Outdoor spaces always look great when the style of furniture, features and planting complement their surroundings.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

So, you want to create the perfect urban garden?

With the world around us moving at such a pace and city life more frenetic than ever, create a little urban sanctuary to escape to in your own garden. Don’t let limited space limit your ambitions. With thanks to Bradstone, Simply Paving can offer an array of paving solutions that can help you create a little perfect piece of paradise, your own outdoor safe haven, no matter how tight the dimensions.

With Bradstone’s help, we can help you create a tranquil and welcome sanctuary you can escape to from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here are Bradstone’s top tips to set you on your way to the urban garden you’ve always wanted.

  • Get rid of the clutter. Clear the area completely so you can see just how much space you’ve got to work with.
  • Dedicate some time to planning. Think about the type of garden you want – and other key factors too such as the sunlight available.
  • Architectural is in. Don’t let a lack of soil hold your garden design back. Let your landscaping materials do the talking with different colours, clean lines and textures to add real visual interest.
  • Make the most of your features. Take advantage of walls by using creeping plants such as vines, trained up trellis or wire mesh.
  • No soil doesn’t have to mean no planting. Get the urban greenery you yearn for with attractive containers and pots.
  • Sometimes, simple is best. Consider one stand-out feature container or water feature to create that all-important focal point.

  • Create the mood for your outdoor living space with creative lighting.
  • Choose the right plants. Architectural plants such as pampas grass create a sense of drama and intrigue.
  • StoneFlair by Bradstone Polished Natural Sandstone is available in a long aspect size that can help to accentuate the space with clean long lines.
  • StoneFlair by Bradstone Vogue Paving makes co-ordination of accessories easy. Simply mix neutrals like warm beige and black.
  • Splashes of statement colours within your accessories add great contrast to your garden theme.
  • Cobbles, pebbles and rockery stones are just what you need to ensure the surrounding borders look cared for and are low maintenance.
  • Planters are an easy way to introduce plants. They are low maintenance and can be replanted to keep the look fresh and seasonal.
  • StoneFlair by Bradstone Ventura Paving with its unique grooved design and modern finish instantly creates a designer look and feel.

If you require any help, give the Simply Paving office a call on 0800 032 6306 or drop us an email and we will try to assist you in all aspects of your landscaping project.

At Simply Paving, we believe we have an ethical responsibility to ensure that the products we supply to you are made and sourced in such a way that minimises impact on communities and the environment.

Bradstone and Charcon have been focusing their efforts on developing sustainable solutions for well over a decade.

StoneFlair by Bradstone Panache Paving is manufactured using up to 83% recycled content.

As part of Aggregate Industries, our main suppliers, Bradstone and Charcon are at the forefront of developments to increase the sustainability of domestic and commercial landscaping materials.

The journey began a decade ago, when the company took the decision to focus on and invest in developing  sustainable solutions across their comprehensive range of innovative building products.

Today, their investment is reaping rewards, with Aggregate Industries involved in a number of important and influential initiatives designed to make it easy for you, the consumer, to both recognise the most sustainable materials and identify those that have been most responsibly sourced.

The Responsible Source

Chances are, you’ve heard the mention of responsible sourcing in the news recently. In straightforward terms, responsible sourcing is all about measuring and managing the specific environmental, social and economic impacts of any products, taking into account all elements including its manufacture, delivery, use, reuse and the ability for it to be recycled.

The good news is that Aggregate Industries is the first company in the world to achieve BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certificate from BRE Global.

As such, you can have absolute confidence that Bradstone products have been responsibly sourced and that you’re getting the garden landscaping industry’s most sustainable and future proof solutions. You don’t just know what you’re getting – you also know where you’re getting it from.

Ethical Trading Policy

When you see the ethical trading logo, it’s your assurance that Bradstone is working harder than ever to ensure their imported natural stone products meet strict ethical criteria.

Bradstone works with global suppliers to support the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code. This is reflected in their policy and code of practice that aims to ensure that together with their suppliers, Aggregate Industries fulfil their obligations and responsibilities in order to maintain long-term benefits to all parties.

Examples of the criteria Bradstone insist their suppliers have to meet are:

  • Provision of a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Prohibition of child labour.
  • Paying wages which meet or exceed national legal standards.
  • Provision of employments rights.
  • Prohibition of bonded or forced labour.

Carbon Labelling

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see, at a glance, just how much carbon dioxide a product generates?

Now you can, thanks to carbon labelling, an initiative piloted by The Carbon Trust. In simple terms, the carbon footprint is the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases created during the life of a product from production to use and disposal.

Working with one of the industry’s most respected governing bodies, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Bradstone have developed a system that calculates the carbon footprint for any Bradstone landscaping product.

Carbon labelling not only indicates how much a company is committed to reducing carbon emissions, but the ‘footprint’ logo also enables consumers to make a more informed decision about the products they are buying.

Bradstone StoneMaster Block Paving is manufactured using 50% reclaimed and recycled material.

Look out for these logos in the latest Bradstone brochure but also keep an eye out for them appearing on our website in the very near future.


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